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  • Once, fleeing wildly and alone, he had leapt from atop one firm ridge and sunk out of sight into the next.
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  • You'll have to shelter with us this winter, because you won't be fit to ride before the snows come, but these spirits are a harmless sort.
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  • He thought for a moment, suddenly shifting to Catti-brie's side in the debate. Oh, Peter will be formidable once he gets the proper range.

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  • Every one of them depends on us, and what do we do, Mama. Good writing - good stories - are the imagination's firing pin, and the purpose of the imagination, I believe, is to offer us solace and shelter from situations and life-passages which would otherwise prove unendurable.

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  • The links seem to hold up well as the storms pass through, but the ability to scry past the breakwater might not hold up immediately after a storm if I don't also have a link.
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    I think there are two men standing below Will Janes bedroom, he whispered. Anya is not a human being, no more than I am.

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    The great cat didn't hesitate, dropping down upon its second victim, its sharp claws catching a firm hold on the giant's chest.

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  • I am now but little inclined to contest this point.
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  • Out-of-work mercenaries are always a public danger, and on their way home from a war against Syracuse (in Sicily), these mercenaries took a great liking to a pleasant little Greek town called Messana (modern Messina) which had offered them hospitality. The side of the tower block beyond was studded with lights.
  • But do you only labour at the graves of children, and young people? If his body isn't generating any heat, the insulation suit can't trap it.

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  • But if he's right Then in a short while the only people still in danger will be us, Pol finished. When he pulled up in front of his building, he gave the keys to the doorman.
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