If K/A controlled the aborts the first time, why not the second?
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  • He'd come after the doctors and the others in flapping white coats or pale green smocks.
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  • Spits seems to be getting into the spirit of the adventure, I laughed.
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    It was nice, but I didn't have the money, the clothes, the time or the manners.

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    I didn't risk bending over very far, feeling stiff and top-heavy.

  • Medics and first-aid men were rushing in to work on them.
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  • A low murmur, having its origin perhaps in a dread of the man and the mystery that surrounded him, or perhaps in a sincere opinion on the part of some of those present, that it would be an inconvenient precedent to meddle too curiously with a gentleman's private affairs if he saw reason to conceal them, warned the fellow who had occasioned this discussion that he had best pursue it no further. He'd never seen her again, and he had even her holocube only because the senior matron of his cr che had violated regulations to let him keep it.
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  • Figure yourself, monsieur, to what extent I was now 'arassed. After all, at the same time other refugee settlements were at the mercy of crooks and unscrupulous fake evangelists like we were just talking about so who was to believe that some crazy mix composed of bits of Ghirardelli and Portmeirion and Valencia and Taliesin and God knows what besides would turn out right when everything else went wrong?
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  • Not only did Cliff violate the Raveloe class system, he also rejected the dignity of his trade.
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