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  • Anne had intended it for Friday evening, when the youth of Avonlea were to meet at Green Gables to organize the Improvement Society.
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  • But the worst part of what was done to her had nothing to do with memory, and everything to do with power.
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  • She tried to scream as he shook her, but could manage only a sob. It reminds me-well, it reminds me of the way the doctors kept me strapped down after the operation.
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    We have work to do, she said, gathering her reins, and there isn't much time left.

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  • These words now filled me with confusion and questions there was no time to answer.
  • Have two subjects on board and need a state police contact.
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  • The tramp rolled over and gaped at us in terror; the woman was Mrs. Dempster. They take it, use it, make it their own, but they are still who they are.
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